Naughty Things I Love While Cleaning a Client’s Home

The Naughty things I love to happen to me while cleaning a Clients home.  These are the things that just happen, that really turn me on.

Sexy Topless Maid

1.       When a Man or Woman looks me up and down and their eyes will halt upon my tits or ass

2.       When the client brushes his hand up my thigh

3.       When someone whispers naughty sayings in my ear

4.       When I am pushed into a closet to be  felt up or fucked

5.       When I am asked to slowly take off my panties

6.       When a client sneaks me into a room to have sex while their spouse is in the next room over

7.       When my Sexy cleaning partner rubs her tits on me while cleaning

8.       When I am asked to have a threesome with the wife and husband

9.       When I am asked to have a threesome with my cleaning partner and the client

10.   When the client walks by and slips a finger up my leg and into my moist pussy

11.   When the client asks me to reach higher to dust a shelf

12.   When the client asks me to bend further over to reach something behind the couch

13.   When I get spanked for not properly cleaning something

14.   When asked to clean the shower naked with bubbly soap

15.   When asked to take a bath and clean myself

16.   When a client wants to watch me masturbate while sitting in a chair with legs spread

17.   When a client wants me to go swimming nude with them in their swimming pool

18.   When a client wants me to give them a bubble bath

19.   When a client wants me to go down on them, man or woman

20.   When I am asked to do erotic dancing while cleaning

21.   When the client asks me to talk with a French accent while getting fucked

22.   When client wants me to handcuff them to the bed

23.   When the client wants to watch me make out with my cleaning partner

24.   When the client wants me to finger my Sexy Cleaning partner and make her have an orgasm

25.   When I am asked to clean completely nude

26.   When my client wants to give me a massage after I clean in the nude

27.   When the clients want me to watch them having sex

28.   When my cleaning partner takes me into the bathroom to clean but ends up licking my pussy

29.   When I am asked to clean the table and my client will come up behind me, pull down my panties and fuck me hard.

30.  When serving food and drinks at a party, a guest will follow me to the bathroom and gently push me against the wall and start running their hands all over me.

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